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Collector Articles

Collector Articles
Antique Collector Articles and Tips

Monthly Column from Antique Specialist, Bob Brooke:

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Book Collecting - It has been centuries since anyone could afford to be a general collector of books. Money aside, there are simply too many volumes published-52,000 last year alone--in any single year for a collector to acquire a copy of everything issued. To maintain control over a book collection, a novice collector must choose an area of special interest when beginning a collection.>> Read article.

The Enduring Appeal of Currier & Ives Prints - Probably no other medium preserved life as it was in the 19th century as did the faithful and colorful prints of Currier and Ives. From 1834 till 1907, their lithography shop produced in excess of one million prints of American scenes, which included more than 7500 different titles. . >> Read article.

The Best Collector is an Educated One - Whether a collector collects for pleasure or investment, he or she must develop an "eye" and a "feel" for good, authentic examples..... >> Read article.

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Other Collector Articles:

Haeger Potteries - A Collection Of Vases 125 Years In The Making - How did a brick manufacturer from Germany end up migrating to Dundee, Illinois, in the 1870s and start one of the most collectible pottery businesses in the nation? David Haeger, a proud and wise brick-maker, seized a supply-and-demand situation in 1871 when the Great Chicago Fire destroyed nearly 17,500 buildings. >> Read article.

Music memorabilia For The Music Lover - When you love something you want to collect everything
about it. Music lovers collect music memorabilia and nurture it with care collecting everything connected with it. Music is music, irrespective of what genre and style it belongs to. >> Read article.

Collecting Gifts and Collectibles - If you are on a trip abroad and have to purchase gifts and collectibles for your family and friends, you do not have to worry. These could be collected in a variety of different locations throughout the world. >> Read article.

Luxury Watches As Investment - Many might have wondered what useful purpose luxury watches serve. After all, what sense does it make to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of watch when the money has to be spent on things considered more necessary in life. >> Read article.

How To Find And Buy Collectables - Are you a collector? It doesn't matter what you collect, you can find some great pieces and great information on the internet, if you know where to look. >> Read article.

The Secret Language of Antique and Modern Jewelry - There is more to jewellery than you might at first imagine, that goes far beyond the metallic or mineral aspects of its physical beauty. >> Read article.

The Ages of Art. An Artist Timeline - Ever wondered who came first, Gainsborough or Turner, Van Gogh or Monet? This timeline hopes to give you some idea of how painting has progressed throught the ages and the art movements that they inspired. >> Read article.

A Chronology of the Chinese Dynasties - China is home of the oldest surviving civilization on earth. For millennia the Chinese were ruled by various Emperors, whose families formed the Dynasties. >> Read article.

Essential Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Antique Jewelry - Surprisingly enough, most gold jewellery can be cleaned in warm soapy water, and any angular areas around stones or the back of the item, which may be indented. >> Read article.

Top Ten Golden Rules for Buying and Collecting Antiques Part I - Have you ever noticed that avid collectors of anything larger than coins, stamps or postcards, seem to have much bigger houses than most of us? >> Read article.

Top Ten Golden Rules for Buying and Collecting Antiques Part II - Have you ever noticed that avid collectors of anything larger than coins, stamps or postcards, seem to have much bigger houses than most of us? >> Read article.

A Brief History of Royal Doulton Pottery - Royal Doulton can trace its ancestry back to 1815 with the founding of a factory at Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth, London. >> Read article.

Restoring & Cleaning Antique Brassware - TO CLEAN OR NOT TO CLEAN? Nobody can say for sure, because it depends on personal preference. Personally I clean. What's the point of having some dirty, disgusting lump of metal on display in an otherwise beautiful house? >> Read article.

A Brief History of Moorcroft English Pottery - William Moorcroft (1872-1946), the son of a Staffordshire china painter, began experimenting with his own pottery designs shortly after taking employment as a designer with the James Macintyre & Co pottery in 1897. >> Read article.

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